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Audio Book Recommendations for the whole familyI cannot recommend audio books enough. We use audio books in our home (and car) regularly! Our homeschool curriculum is literature-based, which means we have many read-alouds, so we try to find as many of them as we can on audio book to save my voice.  I also appreciate them as they allow me to multi-task while we all listen together or they make it easy to continue our schooling in the car on our way to various field trips.

When at home, I often use Bluetooth to play the audio book on an external speaker so that it is loud enough for all to hear. I’ve found that even if the book is intended for my younger daughters that my 13yo cannot help but listen in, too, even if it is a story she’s heard before. Many audio books, at all levels, are read by great narrators who can keep it entertaining and a good story is a good story no matter the age of the intended audience!

When looking for an audio book for your family, I recommend checking your local library first. They usually have a aisle full of available options on CD. In addition to CDs, many libraries now work with various apps on your phone that allow you to download a digital copy from the comfort of your home (or from the road!) with your library card number. And as an extra bonus, you won’t risk losing the CDs on your trip AND you won’t have to pay overdue fines because it will check itself back in to the library after the loan time has expired. Some apps we use are Overdrive, Axis 360, and Hoopla Digital.

There may be times where your library may not carry a certain title or there is a waitlist. In those instances, I often turn to Audible. You can purchase an audiobook to download and listen on the Audible app or you can sign up for a monthly subscription where you pay a monthly fee but get 1 credit (for 1 book) per month. We listen to enough audio books throughout the year that we do the monthly subscription. (Any books purchased are yours to keep forever, even if you cancel your subscription down the road.) Right now Audible is running a promotion where you can Try Audible for 30 days and get 2 FREE Audiobooks!

To follow are some of the books we’ve enjoyed as a family over the years. I will continue to update this list as we discover more titles we like. (And I’m open to suggestions, too!)

Younger audience:

Ages 8+

Ages 10+

Middle School+

Most of these books also have been made into movies. We love to read a good book and follow it up with the movie version. (Although for some of these, I would say the books far surpass the movies!)

I will be composing a post on some audio books for adults that I have listened to and enjoyed soon (both fiction and non-fiction.)

What are some audio books that your family has enjoyed? We are always on the lookout for good literature to listen to and we have a road trip coming up where we will need some new listening material.  😉

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